Mission Statement & Philosophy

The mission of Boynton Beach ASC, LLC is to work closely with its employees, physicians and ancillary providers to provide a continuum of quality healthcare cost effective for the people in the communities we serve.

Therefore, the philosophy of Boynton Beach ASC, LLC is as follows:


We believe that the Surgery Center should foster the highest quality of service to all patients.

We believe that we must assess and strive to meet the psychological, physiological and sociological needs of the patient undergoing surgical intervention in order to obtain maximum, expedient patient recovery and return to normal environment.

We believe that we must provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients, family members and personnel in order to provide optimum assistance to the surgeon in meeting the emergency, preventative and restorative health needs of the patients.

We believe that teaching and supervising the paranursing personnel in developing knowledge and skill in ambulatory surgery technology is of paramount importance to the patient’s safety and recovery.

We believe that a continuous program of in-service education for all nursing personnel must be provided if the quality of care is to be improved and kept current with developments in the medical and nursing fields. All nursing personnel are encouraged to continue their education.

We believe in striving to provide the highest quality patient care at the lowest possible cost with the least psychological, emotional or physical trauma possible, returning the patient to his/her social environment with the strongest and safest time frame.